Spirituality has been very much a part of me since I was born.

As a child, I loved to read (still one of my fave hobbies!) Some of my fave books were Nancy Drew novels and “Are You There God? It´s Me Margaret!¨. Although I read a few of the popular kids´ books you would usually find me in the adults´ section of the public library looking up books on spirituality, past life regression, psychology and everything paranormal. I couldn’t get enough of real-life stories about Angels and Spirits because I needed to know that there were others out there who had the same experiences I did.

I began reading cards at 11 years old when one day I took a deck of my dad´s playing cards to see how I would do on my test at school. By 12, I had purchased my very first Tarot deck and taught myself to read them.

What to me was normal, to others was weird and strange.

I thought everyone could see Angels, Archangels, and Spirits when they were 4 years old. I thought everyone prepared hypnosis meditations before the first day of middle school or asked their Guide for help in passing the math test (I still had to go to summer school so apparently my Guides didn’t like math either!) I thought everyone asked for and understood the signs from the Universe- “I really like this boy, tell me if I have a shot here!¨

When someone would ask me ¨how do you speak to Spirit Guides?¨ I would answer ¨You just speak to them¨ and I didn’t realize that my answer seemed dismissive and possibly rude to them, because unlike myself, they didn’t see it as an everyday thing. To me, when you want to speak to God/Source, Angels, Guides, whatever higher power you wish to communicate with, you just speak and they always answer. It was never hard for me. It was never work because I always had them by my side, and so do you.

When you speak, they hear you and they always answer. You may not always be aware of  it but they do.

I am here to help you recognize that you are never alone. Whatever support you need is at the palm of your hands, always and forever, whenever you need it, no matter what religion you are. Spirituality is more than religion anyway. Spirituality is different to everyone, but to me it’s freedom, unconditional love, and peace. Spirituality is like a huge hug from mom!

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