Have you ever wondered if things would be easier if you had some help? Some clear direction?



Have you ever felt like there was more to life than meets the eye?



Have you ever wanted to trust yourself fully and stop doubting your every decision?



Have you ever wondered about your psychic abilities and unique gifts?

Your Spiritual Essence is an 8-week Mentorship Program where you will work privately 1:1 with me once a week to uncover what spirituality means to you, what role it plays in your life and how it can help you move forward with clear direction when you embrace all aspects of it into your life. If you’ve ever felt lost and confused, if you’ve ever wanted to explore your abilities, tap into your personal truth, learn more about the signs of the Universe,  Your Spiritual Essence is for you! Throughout our 8 weeks together you will see that you are never alone in this journey and that the Universe is always supporting!!

In this program you will learn:

MODULE 1 – What Spirituality Is

In this module we will uncover your beliefs about Spirituality. This is where it all begins and stems from! We must first uncover what spirituality really means to you to set the stage for the rest of the teachings.In this module, you will discover if your current beliefs are hindering or supporting your spiritual growth and where you are at in your journey.

MODULE 2 – Bringing Forward Spirituality

In this module, we will see if and how you live your life in relation to your beliefs and how you bring your current beliefs into it.  We will look into how you apply these beliefs into your job, relationships, routines etc. We will look at what areas you are embracing spirituality fully and what areas it is lacking.

MODULE 3 – Higher Self

In this module I will take you on a journey to meet your higher self. Your Higher Self sees your true potential, your journey and everything that lays ahead. Once you connect your higher self you will feel complete, centered and feel a clearer sense of purpose. You will no longer doubt or second guess what you are here to do. The more you connect with your Higher Self, the more aligned you will feel.

MODULE 4 – Speaking Your Truth

In this module you will uncover your truth. Are you speaking your truth? Are you giving your power away? Do you stand up for your beliefs, even if it means standing alone? Are you using your voice fully in all areas of your life or are you still hiding? In this module, we will look into ways in which you can start living in your truth authentically and without apology.

MODULE 5 – Intuition

In this module you will learn how to tap into your intuition and recognize your own guidance,  which will have gotten stronger after connecting to your higher self. We will look into the different ways intuition comes forth for different people, what it is, what it does, how and in what ways. You will learn all about IGS: Internal Guidance System.

MODULE 6 – Divine In Everyday Life

In this module you will learn how to see the Divine in all things and areas of your life. You will also learn to recognize what energy you are working in (Divine masculine or Divine Feminine). You will learn to release control of the outcome and see how it can help you move forward.

MODULE 7 – Signs, Messages and Feelings

In this module we are going to have so much fun!! You will learn about the different ways we receive guidance and messages from the Universe, the angels, our guides, and how to recognize the signs and learn to work with them. I LOVE signs!

MODULE 8 – Moving Forward

In this module you will put into practice everything you have learned! Many things will come up from the previous modules and it is here where you will have to keep practicing and incorporating into your life everything that you have learned. Think of this as the final exam! You will also begin to create the life you desire moving forward. You will make plans for what you want in all areas of your life.

Your Spiritual Essence, an 8-week 1:1 Mentorship Program, will truly change your life as you connect with your Higher Self and the Divine to begin to create the life that you were meant to have and always wanted.

You will learn:

  • What spirituality really is.
  • The ways to bring forth your spirituality.
  • How to tap into your own inner voice to move forward with certainty.
  • How to connect to your Higher Self.
  • How to embrace the Divine in everyday life.
  • How to trust yourself and your intuition

Your Spiritual Essence Mentorship Program is for you if:

  • You are seeking to learn more about spirituality.
  • You are seeking to combine spirituality into your  everyday life and experiences to have a more fulfilling and joyful life.
  • If you believe that spirituality is in all things, but aren’t quite sure how to recognize or apply it to your life.
  • You are seeking more balance and clarity.
  • You wish to feel more Divinely supported and guided.
  • You are no longer willing to be the passenger on this ride we call life, and are ready to be the driver always knowing where you are going.

Check out what Jean has to say about her experience:

Simply put – Talia is a powerful and talented psychic and spiritual awakener. Her desire to help her clients reach their full potential shines through in everything she does for them in her “Spiritual Essence” mentorship program. I knew I could trust Talia from the very beginning. Without her, my life would not be the same.

Let me explain… when I first met Talia, I was in a funk – I was immersed in negativity and unhappiness. Even though I have done well professionally, I never defined myself by my job; in fact, I always felt that there had to be more to life than this repetitive 9-5 cycle. Problem is, I never knew where or how to start finding “my happy”. So when Talia first offered her Negative Release Challenge, I jumped at the opportunity to shed the negative energy that had consumed me both at work and at home. Within the first couple of days into the challenge, I knew I had to work with Talia even more because of the huge energy shift I felt during that short period of time! She was the REAL deal. So when I learned more about Talia’s “Your Spiritual Essence” 1:1 mentorship program, I immediately signed up! I wanted to learn more about spirituality and the tools that I can use in my day to day life to help me stay high vibe.

Throughout the program, Talia was there for me 110%! It is because of Talia and her Spiritual Essence program that I have grown emotionally, stepped into my truth and found my inner power. Talia broke each lesson down in a way that I could easily understand. She helped me realize that we are all spiritual beings in our own way and that spirituality is everywhere… that even in the corporate world, we have the power within ourselves to stay positive and find our own happiness. More importantly, it is because of Talia and her amazing program that I have the tools necessary to deal with the bad days that come; and more importantly, to help nurture and empower the next generation to believe in themselves and not let other people’s negativity bring them down.

Her program is so effective that results are immediate – you will not have to wait until the end of the program to see progress. In fact, my “awakening” began immediately after Module 1. There were countless times I saw a feather or penny on the floor, along with other signs from my guides whenever they needed to communicate with me. Every time I thought I received a sign, I would reach out to Talia who would be there patiently confirming my “sightings” and helping me understand their meaning. In fact, by the time you reach Module 8 (which is dedicated to signs), you’ll have plenty of examples to discuss and have a great foundation to learn about the other ways you can use signs to your advantage. By the time this module is over, you will truly understand how the Universe supports you in your personal journey (whatever that may be).

As an added bonus, for those of you who are interested in opening your abilities and connecting to your higher self (as well as understanding your higher truth), Talia is your girl. She is patient as heck (see above, as I am not kidding about “every time I thought I saw a sign”, which happened pretty often at times), and will work with you to achieve your highest potential.
The value of this program is unquantifiable – I am so blessed to have met Talia and to have her as my mentor! She is stuck with me forever!

Jean Tien

Your investment to fully transform your inner and outer world is one full payment of only


There are also payment plans available!!


2 Monthly Payments of $777




4 Bi-Weekly Payments of $400

But WAIT!! There’s MORE!!


Along with the amazing, transformational teachings, an incredible journey to meet your higher Self, during our 8 weeks together you will also get:

PDF worksheets

Yup, you get homework! But this is FUN homework!

Access to me via email and messenger

Yup, that’s right!! See something “odd”? Think it’s a sign and can’t wait to tell me all about it till we meet again? Email or message me and tell me all about it! I am here to support you through this journey and there’s nothing I love more than hearing my clients embrace their spirituality!  


A very powerful Celestial Being has jumped on board to support the energy of this program!! For the 8 weeks Reirik will be assisting in the elevation of each individual for their expansion in order to awaken more people and unify us!

Total course is valued at $2,000 BUT IT IS ONLY $1,500!!!

Are you ready to feel more centered?


Are you ready to feel more complete?


Are you ready to have more certainty in your decisions?


If so, message me and we can begin on your journey to tapping into your spiritual essence together!

See what others have to say about working with me:



I just had the most incredible and transformational journey to meet my higher self with Talia Strega. Talia is beyond gifted and holds such powerful and scared space while supporting and guiding you through the journey. The entire experience provided me with so much clarity, direction, support and tons of confirmations. To describe this experience as only “amazing” does not give it enough credit. Talia helped me strengthen not only my connection with my higher-self but also my spiritual gifts as well. I literally cannot wait for the next time we work together! All I have to say is, if you are feeling called to work with Talia I strongly encourage to trust your intuition ASAP! You will not regret it. Thank you Talia!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!
Kelly Espino

Spiritual Empowerment Coach and Speaker

I’ve known Talia for over a decade. From being a strong confident New Yorker, she bravely went all the way across the world to Uruguay and started Life afresh while still maintaining her unique spark that sets her apart. Along with being a wonderful friend, she is a gifted reader! For a good part that decade of knowing her, she has read for me numerous times. Each reading, not only has been incredibly accurate, but sometimes I wonder if she’s like a fine bottle of wine that gets better with time, for her skills constantly cause my jaw to drop. Her vivid insights are incredibly profound. But what makes her special is the fact that her beautiful heart has the grace and humility to translate those incredible profound insights into simple and down-to-earth terms that will make it easy for you to understand while still blowing your proverbial socks off! I encourage you to please let Talia read for you. You’ll be surprised by the all the incredible things she can see with her sparkling third eye
Zorian Cross

Multi‐award–winning actor, playwright, and director.

I just had Talia Paola Strega do a Karmic Relationship Reading for me and all I can say is, if it is something you are thinking about, DO IT!! She is amazing!! The things she “knew” without knowing me or my story blew me away! I’m still re-reading over and over again what she wrote. There is so much in what she gives you. And what she revealed to me has left me with an amazing sense of peace which is priceless. I’ve already told her this personally but it’s worth repeating…. Talia
Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!!
Donna Parenti Weld

Talia Strega is a Psychic Channel and Spiritual Awakener who helps people tap into their spirituality, embrace their psychic gifts and discover who they are on a soul level. She’s been channeling Source, Spirit  Guides, Angels, Archangels, Celestial Beings and Collective Energies among others for over 20 years.

She uses her psychic abilities, life experiences and skills to help guide, inspire, and empower her clients to transform their lives by fully embodying their highest potential and soul’s purpose.

Ever since she was a child Talia has had a passion for helping others and showing them that they are never truly alone. In her psychic sessions, Talia is able not only to provide clear guidance and direction but also healing through her voice. Her clients leave her feeling with an immense sense of peace and certainty.

If you are ready to discover what lies within you, tap into your gifts and potential, and how to connect to the Divine in order to lead a more fulfilling life, Talia is the one to help you do it!