Are situations from your past still weighing you down?

Do you struggle to keep your vibes high?

If so….

Are you ready to kick low vibes to the curb?

Are you ready to to shift your mindset and vibration?

Are you ready to break free from those negative energetic cords?


Are you ready to raise your vibration and finally move forward?

Look, I’ve been there!

I’ve battled with depression since childhood so if anyone understand what it’s like to feel awful – it’s me!

I’ve had moments where I didn’t even want to get out bed and all I wanted to do was sleep.

I’ve worked in corporate jobs feeling extremely low vibe and moody.

I’d become upset out of nowhere and it would affect the rest of my day.

I’ve snapped at people close to me.

I’ve felt like something weighed down on me.

Sometimes, I even found it hard to breathe.

I hated it!

I hated feeling down and not being able to snap out of it despite having so many things to be grateful for.

I’m alive, so I should be grateful right?!

But I hated never feeling happy or high vibe.

And I hated the effects being so low vibe had on the rest of my life.

I’ve been stuck in situations and relationships because I thought that was all there was.

I settled and in settling I began to sink into a deep negative state that I couldn’t get out of.

But the truth is that Life is meant to be enjoyed!!


You don’t have to waste your life wallowing, or accepting things as they are and staying in those low vibes.

Every minute that we spend here on earth is supposed to be a happy one.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But Talia, it’s not realistic to be happy ALL the time!”


And you’re totally right! It’s true that it’s not realistic to be happy 100% of time (unless you’re drinking the happy juice!)

Life happens, sad situations and events take place daily that affect our mood and emotions and shift our vibrations from high to low.

But what is also true is that you CAN shift your mood and vibration quickly to be happy MOST of the time.

This is the feeling we want to strive for. This is what The Happiness program is all about!

It’s about learning, having and knowing when to use the invaluable tools to switch your mood and raise your vibration always at your disposal!

It will help you become aware of yourself and your surrounding.

You will learn to take full control of your energy, your mood, thoughts and emotions so that when something outside of your control happens you will have full control of how YOU react to it.

I know because I have done it myself! and I continue to these every single day!

The goal is to feel happy MOST of the time!

The Happiness Program is an incredibly transformative program that will give you the tools to shift your negative mindset, raise your vibration and it will teach you how to know the level you’re vibrating at to make sure you’re always vibrating high!

The Happiness program may be a 4 week program, but the tools you learn, the insight you acquire, the healings you’ll experience will be with you forever to use daily or as needed!

This program is for you if:


You have been feeling stressed, irritated, low vibe, and/or stuck.

You are still holding on to pain from the past and can’t seem to let go.

You are ready to release everything that weighs you down!

You are done feeling powerless and low vibe!

You are committed to raising your vibrations!

You are ready to improve your mindset and thinking!

You are ready to have full control over your emotions and how you feel!

You want to feel happy MOST of the time!

You are committed to bettering your mood, thoughts, and all of you for the rest of your life! The course ends after  4 weeks, but the work is forever and it’s truly life changing!

What transformation you can expect:

Feeling lighter and free from all negative thoughts, triggers, feelings, conditions, limiting beliefs and energetic cords that keep you back.

Increased clarity, guidance and direction.

Feeling more inspired, empowered and joyful.

Being able to recognize your triggers, when and why your mood changes and your vibration dips so that you can shift it as quickly as it came.

Raise in your vibration and maintain it a high level.

Healing from past attachments, relationships and negative energy cords.


What’s included in this 4-week program:

The program is divided into two parts.
The first part we will work on releasing your negative mindset and releasing that which no longer serves and is keeping you your vibration low.
We will heal and release any energetic and/or physical cords, energy hooks, that you may have keeping you stuck and unable to move forward.

The second part is made up teachings that make up a daily ritual for you to raise your vibration and maintain it a high level for the rest of your life.

You’ve heard about all of your fave gurus having a daily ritual that helps them stay high vibe and helps them become successful, right?

Well, now you will have your very own to help lift you up and out of any funk  that you may experience!

The changes that you will experience during these 4 weeks together will be truly transformational!

Included are:

3 amazing easy to understand teachings a week (12 total). 

1 powerful healing journey to break free from any negative attachments that may be holding you back such as energetic cords, low vibrational energy, past pains, past relationships, triggers, negative thought and behavior patterns. Anything that’s been keeping you down and out of the game! After this journey you will be free and able to move forward without any hesitation or fears!

1 powerful journey to connect to your personal power. In this journey I will take you to connect to the power that’s within waiting to be fully grasped and stepped into. You will be able to speak your truth, move forward feeling certain and empowered.

1 powerful journey to raise your vibration. You can do this journey whenever you feel the need to raise your vibrations.

1 meditation. This is a meditation that you will listen to every day for a better result and to stay in a high vibe energy.

All of these journeys are incredibly powerful and you can do them any time as you need to in the future! You will have them forever!

PDF workbooks to accompany the teachings.

A Private Facebook group to share your transformation with others who also are determined to raise their vibrations that you will have lifetime access to. The group will always remain open and you can always come get support and good vibes from everyone there since we are all on a mission to keep our vibes high!

See what others have to say about their transformation:

At the time I signed up for The Happiness Experience, I was experiencing an extremely stressful event in my life and I thought it would be a good idea to sign up to see if it could help. It was outside of my control so for me it was not so much about improving my thinking around what was happening but more to have tools to cope. Talia’s programme proved invaluable. I still go back to it two months later. It reminded me of the things I needed to help cope and make the most of the happy moments and ride the rest. I found Talia to be a very inspiring teacher and at times really funny but what I loved the most is that her wisdom comes from having been in the depth of some really dark times. She walks the talk and now that she is on the other side, she makes a wonderful mentor for those of us who go through dark times. I highly recommend Talia’s work to anyone who needs guidance and inspiration.

Ange De Lumiere

Transformational book coach, mentor and strategist

I did Talia’s Release Your Negative Mindset Challenge this past week and OMG I love it! It really brought up things for me that I didn’t realize were still effecting me from my past and my childhood. She really had me going deep into my beliefs around money and also the things that happened throughout my life that have effected self confidence. Her challenge gave me the opportunity to really look at these areas of my life that I had been oppressing and do some serious healing around them. Her beautiful meditations were phenomenal! I could see everything she was guiding us through so vividly! I felt the pure love surrounding us and massive healing taking place. I am so thankful to have been a part of this healing experience with Talia and the beautiful women in this challenge

Kim Knowles Althouse

It’s no secret that I am one of Talia’s biggest fans!! I just love this woman! I resonate so much with what she says and always learn something from her! I recently took her Releasing your Negative Mindset Challenge and Happiness course. I love the way she breaks things down into logical parts. She has given me doable things that will fit easily into my life. I am by nature a pretty happy person but LIFE can sometimes take you from this place of happiness. After having competed these two courses I now have the tools to bring me back should life take me from my natural state. LOVE you Talia and can’t wait until you manifest yourself back to NYC!!

Donna Parenti Weld

Highly recommend this ladies!!! Before I did this course, I was in a slump, felt kind of stuck about my direction and it gave me a much needed boost and daily rituals to follow to become my best self.

Beth McMahon Blanco

 I’ve done the happiness program with Talia and it was amazing!!! I highly recommend it! It was the boost I needed to help keep me focused on my personal goals. Talia is so real and down to earth. She makes it very easy to work with her. She is nonjudgmental and so supportive. One of the most inspiring people I know.

Michelle Whitney



Your investment to free yourself of everything that’s been holding you back and raise your vibration to fully transform your inner and outer reality is

ONLY $497!!


Click the link below to make your investment and reserve your spot today!!


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Still have questions?

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Talia Strega is a Psychic Channel and Spiritual Awakener who helps people through their spiritual awakening journey. She helps her clients tap into their intuition, embrace and activate their psychic gifts and discover their soul purpose.

She’s been channeling Source, Spirit  Guides, Angels, Archangels, Celestial Beings and Collective Energies among others for over 20 years and loves bringing forth the knowledge she receives to help raise consciousness.

Talia uses her psychic abilities, life experiences and skills to help guide, inspire, and empower her clients to transform their lives by fully embodying their highest potential and soul’s purpose.

Ever since she was a child Talia has had a passion for helping others and showing them that they are never truly alone. Talia is able not only to provide clear guidance and direction but also healing as guided by the energies present in the sessions. Her clients leave her feeling with an immense sense of peace and certainty.

If you are ready to discover what lies within you, tap into your gifts and potential, and how to connect to the Divine in order to lead a more fulfilling life, Talia is the one to help you do it!