Do you feel like you’re not enough?

Do you feel like you’re not being all of you entirely and wholeheartedly, almost like you’re being half of you?

Do you feel like you have to be someone else to be successful?

Are you attracting the wrong type of clients, the wrong types of people into your life?

Do you find yourself hiding your honest thoughts for fear of being judged or rejected?

If so….

Are you READY to unleash your TRUE SELF?

Are you READY to be fully in alignment with your authentic self?

Are you READY to feel FREE and Confident?

Are You READY to be ALL of you, the real you-no apologies, no permission needed-no f*cks given and become UNF*CKWITHABLE?


Undeniably YOU! is exactly what you need!


What if you could feel completely comfortable in your own skin just being you without caring what anyone else thought or said?


What if every decision you made and action that you took would come from complete alignment and certainty?


What if you could finally have that confidence that you lost along the way in past relationships, friendships, jobs etc.?


What if you could finally attract the right people, clients, relationships into your life? Your soul tribe?



Undeniably YOU!


I’m SO excited to share with you all my latest group program Undeniably YOU!

Undeniably you is where we pull back the layers placed on you by society and we dig deep into who you truly are and were always meant to be!

💫The you who always follows her soul and inner compass.
💫The you who always seeks fulfillment in herself first.
💫The you who understands the value of loving yourself for everything that you are.
💫The you who no longer is willing to give up her happiness for others.
💫The you who has unshakable confidence.
💫The you who’s epically aligned with your authentic self

You’ve done it long enough.
You’ve given up your own happiness for the happiness of others.
You’ve lost sight of who you are and are done listening to and caring about what others have to say.
You’re done seeking outside validation.

You’ve let others mold you into a filtered watered down version of you.

And, it’s time to stop!

It’s time to take back the reigns of your life and dive deep into your soul to bring out the real you- the authentic unapologetic you who is completely unfuckwithable!!

This is 8 weeks together with other women in a powerful energetic container of magic, strength, fire, passion and healing!!


This program is for you if:

You feel like you’re not being all of you and it’s draining you.

You feel like you have to be someone else to please others or to be successful.

You are attracting the wrong type of clients.

Everything you do feels hard and draining.

You are ready to release fears holding you back!

You are ready to regain your self-confidence!

You are done hiding and feeling powerless!

You are committed to embracing, accepting and fully embodying who you truly are!

You are ready to improve your mindset!

You are done caring what other people think of you!

You are ready to attract your soul tribe, soul clients, soul aligned opportunities!

You are committed to fully unleashing your badass self into the world because you know you are here to create massive shifts and impact by just being YOU!


What transformation you can expect:

Feeling lighter and free from all the bullshit programing.

Increased awareness, self-love, self-acceptance and unshakeable confidence.

Feeling fully in alignment with who you truly are which then attracts your soul aligned opportunities and people.

Feel free from what people say, think of you.

Feeling empowered.

Being able to recognize when you’re not in alignment.

Healing from past fears and beliefs.

Attracting your soul tribe naturally and organically.

Becoming Unf*ckwithable!

What’s included in this 8-week program:

  • Working with the Spirit Guides and the Universal Energy to remember who you truly are and are meant to be!
  • Recognizing where you’re editing and filtering yourself and why.
  • Recognizing and healing the fears that prevent you from being the real you.
  • Forgiveness work.
  • Rebuilding your beliefs.
  • Identifying what can get you off your game.
  • Reintegrating Your Confidence.
  • Speaking your truth and standing in your power from a place of flow and alignment.
  • Breaking down the walls of validation.
  • Self Mastery!

The changes that you will experience during these 8 weeks together will be truly transformational! I know because I am a walking testimonial of this powerful work that has completely changed me and changed my business and relationships for the better!

Included are:

A private Facebook Group to share your journey with others who are just as determined to embody their authentic self as you are!

Live Facebook Teachings

4 Live Q&A/Psychic coaching

At least 3 powerful healing journeys 

Energetic Activations

All of these journeys and activations are incredibly powerful and you can do them any time as you need to in the future! You will have them forever!


One Psychic Visioning Intensive (my DDCV intensive) that includes a 1:1 1 hour call via zoom plus 5 additional days of voxer text/voice support. Usual investment of $444!

Entry into the self-study course The Happiness Program to release everything that weighs you down, raise your vibration and step into your power! CLICK HERE to learn more about it! Usual investment of $497!



Your investment to fully embody your authentic self unapologetically:

 One full payment of $849!!


Two monthly payments of $450


Four Bi-weekly payments of $275

Message me to claim your spot today!

See what others have to say about their transformation after working with me:

I just had the most incredible and transformational journey to meet my higher self with Talia Strega. Talia is beyond gifted and holds such powerful and scared space while supporting and guiding you through the journey. The entire experience provided me with so much clarity, direction, support and tons of confirmations. To describe this experience as only “amazing” does not give it enough credit. Talia helped me strengthen not only my connection with my higher-self but also my spiritual gifts as well. I literally cannot wait for the next time we work together! All I have to say is, if you are feeling called to work with Talia I strongly encourage to trust your intuition ASAP! You will not regret it. Thank you Talia!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!

Kelly Espino

It’s no secret that I am one of Talia’s biggest fans!! I just love this woman! I resonate so much with what she says and always learn something from her! I recently took her Releasing your Negative Mindset Challenge and Happiness course. I love the way she breaks things down into logical parts. She has given me doable things that will fit easily into my life. I am by nature a pretty happy person but LIFE can sometimes take you from this place of happiness. After having competed these two courses I now have the tools to bring me back should life take me from my natural state. LOVE you Talia and can’t wait until you manifest yourself back to NYC!!

Donna Parenti Weld

Darkness & Fear! That’s how I felt before going through a deep healing facilitated by Talia.
When I came to Talia for a healing. I was nervous and unsure of the healing I needed. I felt embarrassed but had a HUGE pull to ask for her help. With hesitation and fear, I shared my need. The way Talia answered me was with DEEP compassion and understanding. She immediately made me feel comfortable and secure that everything was going to be okay. The healing that Talia took me was TRANSFORMATIVE. It gave me an awareness the I was not expecting. It healed me deeper than I ever could have imagined! The healing turned out to be of many level… emotionally, spiritually and PHYSICALLY❣️ I am forever grateful that I listed to my intuition & reached out for support. If you have a nagging feeling, an urge, and/or a desire to work with Talia in any capacity.


You will be pleasantly surprised on the AMAZINGNESS she brings to everything she does. THANK YOU Talia from the bottom of my heart. I love you

Elvira Cabreja

I signed up for Talia’s Happiness Experience at a time in my life where I was experiencing extreme stress due to a loved one having a possibly fatal condition. To say these were difficult times was an understatement. Despite my years of self development and awareness I knew I needed extra support. I found Talia’s programme to be incredibly inspiring and uplifting. She is a wonderful spiritual teacher but also very funny. I went from being barely functional to finding my mojo again. I highly recommend her course.



Your investment to unleash your true self and to fully embody her confidently is:

 One full payment of $849!!


Two monthly payments of $450


Four Bi-weekly payments of $275

Message me to claim your spot today!