We will take a journey to light up your manifesting so that you can learn more about daily manifesting and start  implementing a daily manifesting routine in a fun, creative and exciting way!

During our time together I will be sharing with you some of my daily rituals that I use to manifest all of my desires, both big and small!

Manifesting is not supposed to be hard or a hassle! It’s supposed to be FUN! It’s all about getting into the right energy and then applying some easy tools that feel good to you in order to call in what you want!


What’s included:


6 amazing easy to understand teachings that you can apply daily to manifest your desires! 

1 powerful money alignment meditation to energetically align you to $10,000! This is a GAME-CHANGER! It will magnetize your vibration and align your frequency to that amount and possibly even more!

A Private Facebook group to share your awesome progress and manifestations with others who are just as determined to spark up their manifesting powers like you are! 


How You Know If This Experience is For You:


This experience is for you if:

You took part in my Free manifesting challenge and would like to learn more tips and hacks!

You had so much fun manifesting daily items and want to keep playing!

You would love to stay in the manifesting energy!

You would love to light a spark to your manifesting energy!

You would love to have a daily manifesting ritual in place!

You love my Shamanic Journeys and Meditations and NEED the money alignment meditation ASAP!!

Your investment is only $297!

After you pay you will be directed to the private Facebook group to join us!! Message me if it doesn’t direct you automatically or have any issues!

Talia Strega is a Psychic Channel and Spiritual Awakener who helps her clients through their spiritual awakening journey. She helps her clients transform their lives and find their soul’s purpose by teaching them how tap into their intuition, embrace and activate their psychic gifts, dive deep into mindset and energetic healing and tons more!

She’s been channeling Source, Spirit  Guides, Angels, Archangels, Celestial Beings and Collective Energies among others for over 20 years and loves bringing forth the knowledge and wisdom she receives to help raise consciousness.

Talia uses her psychic abilities, life experiences, and corporate background to help guide, inspire, and empower her clients to transform their lives by fully embodying their highest potential and soul’s purpose.

Ever since she was a child Talia has had a passion for helping others and showing them that they are never truly alone. Talia is able not only to provide clear guidance and direction, but also healing as guided by the energies present in her powerful sessions. Her clients leave her feeling with an immense sense of peace and certainty on what steps to take next.

If you are ready to discover what lies within you, tap into your gifts and potential, and how to connect to the Divine in order to lead a more fulfilling life, Talia is the one to help you do it!