Comprehensive Psychic Reports

My comprehensive psychic reports are POWERFUL! They are sent via email in a PDF with an in depth look into your situation or concern. You receive detailed information, advice and tools to move forward with certainty.

The Comprehensive Psychic Reports are especially helpful when you want to delve deeper into a specific situation, relationship or matter.

By tuning into your Guides, I get deep insight and information as to what is going on, why and provide you with the steps to move forward with certainty. Your Guides give me insight into what you should do next that would be for your highest good.

The decision and action are always left up to you of course, but by giving you all of the information you are able to make the best decision and move in the direction that is aligned with you.

My Psychic Comprehensive Reports are just $250 and jam-packed with valuable information!

Check out what others had to say about their reports!


I want to thank Talia for the most detailed, mind blowing accurate reading I ever received in this lifetime. She saw so clearly into the past and present in such an amazing way. The future reading confirmed everything I felt would be so it was an important validation. The Tarot reading and also her psychic reading were so spot on reflecting so clearly every single aspect and gave a general perspective that brought so much clarity and strong validations Talia is truly an amazingly gifted being.She is also very loving and supportive. Thank you again for such a life transforming experience that makes a world of a difference for me!


I have received about 6 readings from Talia. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that she is the best at what she does. Having received readings from other also I can say with 100% certainty that I will only get my readings from her only. She is very accurate, to the point. She gives you a lot of detail and examples of needed. The advantage of her is that she also let’s you ask her for a clarification if needed. I would highly recommend her and her services to anyone that needs some guidance in their lives

Patricia Taylor

I just had Talia Paola Strega do a Karmic Relationship Reading for me and all I can say is, if it is something you are thinking about, DO IT!! She is amazing!! The things she “knew” without knowing me or my story blew me away! I’m still re-reading over and over again what she wrote. There is so much in what she gives you. And what she revealed to me has left me with an amazing sense of peace which is priceless. I’ve already told her this personally but it’s worth repeating…. Talia
Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!!

Donna Parenti Weld