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Are You Done Letting Outside Energies Prevent You From Growing And Taking Your Business To The Next Level?

Are You Done Feeling Drained And Not Knowing Why or Worse How To Fix It?

Your ability to sense, feel energy is your greatest superpower, but it sure doesn’t feel that way most of the time…


  • You feel overwhelmed with emotions and may feel physically heavy like the weight of the entire world is on your shoulders. 


  • After client calls and sessions, you feel like you need to sleep for  a week to get your energy back. 


  • Channeling and  Healing drains your energy so much you can only do a few lives or few sessions at a time. 


  • You have trouble deciphering your own emotions from other people’s emotions.


  • You feel constantly emotionally and physically drained so running your business at times feels hard.


  • You hate being on Facebook because it feels like a crowded street filled with angry people. You feel so annoyed and drained from it, but you need it because you run your business on it.





Being a Healer, an Empath and a Highly Sensitive Coach truly is your super-power…but for you, it sometimes feels like your Kryptonite!



As a Healer, Empath, and Highly Sensitive Coach your mission is to help and heal others.

Your unique ability to feel, sense, experience and absorb other people’s emotions is what makes you great at what you do, but behind the scenes is also what makes running your business (and living your life) challenging.

It can get super draining to have client calls, do lives, be on social media posting your content only to find yourself absorbing the energy of others (mostly aggressive energy too) from every direction.

Doing readings, channeling and healing sessions, launching, doing lives and everything else drains you to the point of absolute exhaustion. 

How can you continue to grow and uplevel your business when after one client call you’re ready to collapse from exhaustion?!

How can you be inspired when all you want to do is sleep because you’re so tired?

And worse, how can you be in a great mood when after being inside a paid program’s Facebook group, you now feel angry and frustrated out of nowhere?



Here’s the thing: You are not like every other entrepreneur out there. You cannot just keep going, hustling, forcing when your energy is off and your business will naturally flourish. That actually doesn’t work for anyone, but for you especially is what can make or break your business.

Every spiritual entrepreneur should know how to manage, recharge, clear, and protect their energy field. Every coach who deals with other people and clients daily should be clearing their energy daily. But you specifically, you who are a Healer, an Empath, and super sensitive to energy NEED to have a process for this.

Not only will this help you physically and energetically, but this will help you better serve your clients and grow your business without needing to hustle or draining your energy.


Back when I used to do Psychic sessions only, I  would only be able to do one reading per week. I’d channel so much energy that it would leave me depleted and as you can imagine this really affected my finances because I couldn’t take on more clients.

Then, when I learned proper energetic hygiene, and how to master my own energetics, I was able to take on as many clients as I wanted. I was no longer affected by my client’s energies when they were having a bad day. I was no longer affected by the energies inside certain Facebook groups. None of it impacted me. I could hold bigger healing and channeling containers. Running my business just felt easier. I showed up better for my clients. My personal life also shifted. Going to the store wasn’t a total nightmare. The crowd no longer affected my mood. I had total control over what I allowed into my energy and how I felt.



I know for a fact that you are meant to make a global impact with your soul-led business, and in order to do that, you need to properly tend to protect your energy at all times.

When you’re a spiritual entrepreneur mastering your energetics will drastically change your business and life!










Imagine not being affected by other people’s energies….

Imagine not being affected by other people’s emotions…

Imagine having client calls and not feeling totally drained afterward…

Imagine if you were able to decipher whose energy you were feeling yours or someone else’s….

Imagine never having to feel heavy or like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders…


How freeing would it feel?

How amazing would it be to notice as soon as your energy shifts, know the reason, clear it right away and come back into balance….

How helpful would it be to just know when someone is attaching themselves to your energy so you can clear it quickly…

How helpful would it be to know how to protect your energy at all times wherever you are…

Just think, you could channel longer, have more clients, heal your clients without taking on any of their issues…



If it sounds amazing, is because it is and it’s what changed me, how I run my business and feel all day every day and it’s what will start changing your life!



Queen of Energetics! 

This is THE program for Healers, Empaths, and highly Spiritual coaches who wish to learn their own energetic signature, clear, maintain, shield, and master their own energy so their business isn’t impacted by outside energy shifts!


This is where all psychic work begins. This is the foundation of energetic work. In order to expand your other spiritual gifts mastering your own energy is step one.

In order to keep growing your soul-led business, knowing how to work with your own energy field is important to help you stay in alignment and protected from any outside energies that may cause your mood or energy to drop.

In order to channel and communicate with inter-dimensional non-physical beings learning to read energy, shield and protect your own energy and master your own energy is step one before doing anything else!



This is for you if: 

 You are a Healer.

You are an Empath.

You are a Highly Sensitive Coach.

You are highly intuitive.

You channel or wish to learn to develop your psychic abilities.

You work with clients daily.

You want to learn how to read, heal, protect your own Aura.

You want to protect and free yourself from other people’s emotions.

You find yourself drained after working with clients.

You want to enhance your psychic abilities.

You want to know when and why you feel sick, sad, overwhelmed and how to shift out of it.

You want to properly protect your energy.



Hey girl, I’m Talia!



I’m a Psychic, Healer, Activator, and Spiritual Biz Mentor. I work with Female Spiritual Coaches, Healers, and Conscious Leaders who seek to align their business to their soul’s purpose to make sure they create the soul-aligned impact they came here to make. I help them remember and step into their soul’s purpose as well as discover or enhance their own psychic and healing abilities to better serve their clients, the collective, and create the lives of their dreams. 

Imagine working with a coach that can see what you need and how she can help you before you even know exactly what that is.

My ability to read energy, channel with my spirit guides and your spirit guides, allows me to get the information that I need to assist you where you are at, and together we create magic!  



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A private Facebook group where the videos are already up and ready for you to dive in!



5 Lessons to teach you to help you become the Queen of Energetics: Your Energetic Imprint, Energetic Hygiene, Energetic Maintenance, Energetic Shielding.







Talia has a gift – she will evoke the psychic and the intuitive in you like nobody I have ever met. Just being in her vortex and her energy has opened me up to a whole new experience of my intuition and being led by divine guidance – things I NEVER thought I’d say as a business strategist with over a decade of experience. Ever since meeting and closely working with Talia, I’ve had downloads upon downloads regarding business strategy for both me AND my clients alike. She will help you become aligned AF with your desires and will guide you to the path of your true purpose. She’s magical and I am so grateful to have met this Witch!

Eva Kalvig

The No BS Business Coach

I had a major business decision weighing very heavily on my mind, and I had a lot of fear around trusting my own instincts. I asked Talia what I should do, and she gave me the most direct, potent as fuck advice and reassurance to trust what my guides were already telling me, but I couldn’t clearly hear through the fear. Less than half an hour after receiving her response to my question, I experienced THE SHIFT I have been trying to experience for the last 2.5 years, I shit you not! It was so powerful I had to cancel my plans so I could go home and write about it right then and there. If you want clear, honest, “ah ha!” answers to your questions, answers that will trigger major fucking shifts hella fast, Talia is your girl! Hands down!

Kenzie Templeton

You make me feel safe, like I finally reached the safe haven
It feels like you have all the answers and I can’t miss a single live bc I could miss the answers from the gods.
You feel relatable and authentic af, like someone I’d definitely hang out with. Your lives feel like we’re just hanging out and you don’t sugar coat
You make me feel like your gonna guide me to the answers of the questions I never knew I had like curiosity of the unknown
In short, your like a sexy version of an old seer that you risk your life to go see in the spooky woods because ….it was fucking worth it to get the damn answers from the source
Maria Grullon

Branding + Website Designer, Founder of Candid Studio

It’s no secret that I am one of Talia’s biggest fans!! I just love this woman! I resonate so much with what she says and always learn something from her! I recently took her Releasing your Negative Mindset Challenge and Happiness course. I love the way she breaks things down into logical parts. She has given me doable things that will fit easily into my life. I am by nature a pretty happy person but LIFE can sometimes take you from this place of happiness. After having competed these two courses I now have the tools to bring me back should life take me from my natural state. LOVE you Talia and can’t wait until you manifest yourself back to NYC!!

Donna Weld

Okay, so I know we did a business coaching call – but I can’t help but feel you helped me in both my business AND my personal life. You told me to stop being afraid of failure and to stop holding back and let the guides do what they’re best at and just guide me, and I can already feel SUCH a difference. I’ve channeled it into my business but also into my personal life as well. I’m doing something that I’ve been putting off for 11 years, and I cannot tell you how freeing it feels for me right now. I’m not even nervous about it! I’m not even nervous to start working on my next launches for my business! It’s like a HUGE weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, and I don’t even know how to begin to describe how amazing our session was because it was exactly what I needed and I had no clue until it actually happened. I’m so thankful 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Kristen K.

On a recent psychic biz call with Talia her guides kept telling her that I should focus on my 5-week course and even suggested a few tweaks to it. BUT I didn’t know what 5-week course they were talking about; I currently had a 4-week course & so I thought about adding in an extra week. While we were still on the call together, I got an email from someone I’ve never worked with before, asking me if she could enroll in my Magical Moments course. She had stumbled on my sales page that I thought I had taken down. My intention was to revamp it but I had forgotten! Now, thanks to Talia and her guides, I’m currently tweaking that 5-week course and will be relaunching it with one person already signed up! I can’t wait to have another psychic business strategy call with Talia!

Libbii Armstrong

I started writing this review at 11:11… crazy! 🙌🏼 Anyway, I did an email reading with Talia and what really took me by surprise was that she mentioned one of my guides was named Alyssa. I was surprised to hear that and didn’t really think much of it. Flash forward to a couple weeks later when I was putting out vibes and wanting signs… and not getting the signs because obviously I wasn’t supposed to be receiving them. But at the time getting kinda bummed. So I thought ok, if Alyssa is truly my guide in the next 24 hours I’ll hear or see something with Alyssa. I honestly didn’t put too much thought into and totally pushed it out of my mind until I was stopped behind a car at a stoplight and saw (I tried to post a photo but I can’t in a review) … the name Alyssa with a decal on the back of the car in front of me! Say what!?!? Crazy!!
I love all the messages Talia posts online, I always feel so connected with the messages. Thank you for sharing your guidance with us. 🙏🏼

Lisa A.

Talia, is an Amazing Psychic! I can’t say enough about the amazing reading’s I have received from Talia. The accurate and spot on accounts of each reading amazes me! Talia is Truely gifted! I was blessed to take one of her courses! Life changing! We went on two Journeys! That I will never Forget! If you need an Amazing coach! A psychic, great advice Talia!! Is Awesome!! ��

Tobi S.

Darkness & Fear! That’s how I felt before going through a deep healing facilitated by Talia. When I came to Talia for a healing. I was nervous and unsure of the healing I needed. I felt embarrassed but had a HUGE pull to ask for her help. With hesitation and fear, I shared my need. The way Talia answered me was with DEEP compassion and understanding. She immediately made me feel comfortable and secure that everything was going to be okay. The healing that Talia took me was TRANSFORMATIVE. It gave me an awareness the I was not expecting. It healed me deeper than I ever could have imagined! The healing turned out to be of many level… emotionally, spiritually and PHYSICALLY❣️ I am forever grateful that I listed to my intuition & reached out for support. If you have a nagging feeling, an urge, and/or a desire to work with Talia in any capacity. DO IT! You will be pleasantly surprised on the AMAZINGNESS she brings to everything she does.

THANK YOU Talia from the bottom of my heart. I love you!

Elvira Cabreja

Intuitive Transformational Coach and PSYCH-K Facilitator

Within minutes of speaking with Talia, she lifted what felt like the weight of the world off my shoulders and catapulted me into complete clarity and flow. She’s the perfect mix of spiritual and strategic and if that sounds like magic – it is! I highly suggest working with Talia if you feel at all out of flow in your business!Xani Morton Williams, Online Brand Strategist – Brand Glam

Xani Morton Williams

Online Brand Strategist - Brand Glam

I had a group psychic business call with Talia and she is just fantastic. She heard everything and provided amazing insight for everyone on the call. I’m not generally a “woo” type however I have to say it was pretty amazing. Would not hesitate to recommend her!

Misty Flanagan

My name is Kim Althouse, I am a Reiki Master/Energy Healer and Disc Jockey. Before working with Talia I had a problem moving forward in my life and business. I felt like I was stuck and going nowhere fast. Knowing that I wanted so much more out of life but wasn’t sure how to get there. I had so many blocks and so much self doubt. I was stuck in self sabotage mode. I would think things like… Who am I to have a successful business? Who am I to be a spiritual energy healer? Who am I to be financially abundant and secure? Who am I to travel the world? Who am I to be happy in every aspect of my life? And on and on. I felt like I didn’t deserve it! I felt like I wasn’t worthy of a good life! I came across Talia in one of the groups I’m in and instantly loved her energy and ability to tap into divine spirit. I joined her group as soon as she opened it. I decided to work with Talia because I was so sick and tired of being stuck and not going anywhere! I was done with the self sabotage and self doubt. Since working with Talia I am moving forward in my life and business. I have cleared and healed so much! I am much more aware now of the negative thought patterns that creep in and how to clear them quickly and replace with something positive. I have learned and grown so much from working with Talia! It is life changing! If you are on the fence about working with Talia, here is why you should take the leap… Talia is an amazing Psychic Channeler and Spiritual Awakener! She will help you clear, heal and move forward on your journey. Talia is authentic, warm, caring and she brings awesomeness and fun to everything she does! I highly recommend Talia to anyone

Kim A.

Reiki Master/Energy Healer

Talia is super gifted. Guiding people through the confusion of our chaotic lives is the thing she can do best. Trust her gifts and her guidance, she’ll surprise you by telling you things you have inside but which you need the courage to uncover. Definitely she is the soul coach everyone would love to have in their lives!

Marta V.

I invite you to join my group Conscious Leaders Rising! A group for Spiritual Entrepreneurs. The Healers, Psychics, Energy Workers, Intuitives, Channels, Shamans and Light Workers on the rise!