Here is some lovely words from clients, followers, and student

Simply put – Talia is a powerful and talented psychic and spiritual awakener. Her desire to help her clients reach their full potential shines through in everything she does for them in her “Spiritual Essence” mentorship program. I knew I could trust Talia from the very beginning. Without her, my life would not be the same.

Let me explain… when I first met Talia, I was in a funk – I was immersed in negativity and unhappiness. Even though I have done well professionally, I never defined myself by my job; in fact, I always felt that there had to be more to life than this repetitive 9-5 cycle. Problem is, I never knew where or how to start finding “my happy”. So when Talia first offered her Negative Release Challenge, I jumped at the opportunity to shed the negative energy that had consumed me both at work and at home. Within the first couple of days into the challenge, I knew I had to work with Talia even more because of the huge energy shift I felt during that short period of time! She was the REAL deal. So when I learned more about Talia’s “Your Spiritual Essence” 1:1 mentorship program, I immediately signed up! I wanted to learn more about spirituality and the tools that I can use in my day to day life to help me stay high vibe.

Throughout the program, Talia was there for me 110%! It is because of Talia and her Spiritual Essence program that I have grown emotionally, stepped into my truth and found my inner power. Talia broke each lesson down in a way that I could easily understand. She helped me realize that we are all spiritual beings in our own way and that spirituality is everywhere… that even in the corporate world, we have the power within ourselves to stay positive and find our own happiness. More importantly, it is because of Talia and her amazing program that I have the tools necessary to deal with the bad days that come; and more importantly, to help nurture and empower the next generation to believe in themselves and not let other people’s negativity bring them down.

Her program is so effective that results are immediate – you will not have to wait until the end of the program to see progress. In fact, my “awakening” began immediately after Module 1. There were countless times I saw a feather or penny on the floor, along with other signs from my guides whenever they needed to communicate with me. Every time I thought I received a sign, I would reach out to Talia who would be there patiently confirming my “sightings” and helping me understand their meaning. In fact, by the time you reach Module 8 (which is dedicated to signs), you’ll have plenty of examples to discuss and have a great foundation to learn about the other ways you can use signs to your advantage. By the time this module is over, you will truly understand how the Universe supports you in your personal journey (whatever that may be).

As an added bonus, for those of you who are interested in opening your abilities and connecting to your higher self (as well as understanding your higher truth), Talia is your girl. She is patient as heck (see above, as I am not kidding about “every time I thought I saw a sign”, which happened pretty often at times), and will work with you to achieve your highest potential.
The value of this program is unquantifiable – I am so blessed to have met Talia and to have her as my mentor! She is stuck with me forever!

Jean Tien

I did Talia’s Release Your Negative Mindset Challenge this past week and OMG I love it! It really brought up things for me that I didn’t realize were still effecting me from my past and my childhood. She really had me going deep into my beliefs around money and also the things that happened throughout my life that have effected self confidence. Her challenge gave me the opportunity to really look at these areas of my life that I had been oppressing and do some serious healing around them. Her beautiful meditations were phenomenal! I could see everything she was guiding us through so vividly! I felt the pure love surrounding us and massive healing taking place. I am so thankful to have been a part of this healing experience with Talia and the beautiful women in this challenge

Kim Knowles Althouse

I went to a concert and didn’t protect my energy as well as I should have and felt super lethargic and Low Vibe the next day. I thought, “NOOOOO, I have so much work to do today!”

Cue Talia to the rescue!!!!!! I did her cord cutting Journey as well as her raising her vibration journey and HOLY MOLY COGOLY!!!! I literally yelled out, “Wow” during it.

I then proceeded to channel and pull angel cards for almost 2 hours. The longest I’ve ever done them. And afterwards I still had crazy amounts of energy and I KNOW it was because of Talia’s incredible journeys!!

Talia you are such a blessing and have such incredible Divine powers!!! Thank YOU for being YOU and for being such a clear vessel for Spirit!!! I love you!!!!

Kelly Espino

Spiritual Empowerment Speaker and Coach

I cannot sing the praises of this programme high enough. I have been recently going through a very difficult period in my life, and even though I am a generally happy person and have tons of tools in my toolbox to deal with stress as a clinical hypnotherapist, I have still found Talia’s Happiness Challenge to be invaluable because she simplifies things and makes it really easy. She broke the process of helping yourself be happier no matter what the circumstances into small bites that you can integrate into a daily ritual. I have come away from the course with massive breakthroughs. The biggest of all, I would say was to shift once and for all the deep sense of being a failure that I had carried with me, unknowingly, since childhood, despite being a high achiever with a fifteen year career as a high flying international corporate lawyer traveling the world. Yes. Even that was not enough to fill the gap that this belief was creating inside of me. Only inner work can heal these wounds once and for all and Talia works her magic to help you do that. It is still up to you to do the work but if you are willing and able, true magic will happen for you. Thank you so much for this experience Talia, you are a star. I will never forget how much you have helped me in the past two weeks.

Ange De Lumiere

Transformational book coach and strategist

you have done it again! The Happiness Experience was AH-mazing! Loved all the modules / lessons because they WORK and are so adaptable to my everyday life. Everyone should take this course … Who can say no to being happy (or Paul Walker)!

Jean Tien

It’s no secret that I am one of Talia’s biggest fans!! I just love this woman! I resonate so much with what she says and always learn something from her! I recently took her Releasing your Negative Mindset Challenge and Happiness course. I love the way she breaks things down into logical parts. She has given me doable things that will fit easily into my life. I am by nature a pretty happy person but LIFE can sometimes take you from this place of happiness. After having competed these two courses I now have the tools to bring me back should life take me from my natural state. LOVE you Talia and can’t wait until you manifest yourself back to NYC!!


WOW!! What can I say!! The 5 Day Challenge was freaking Amazing!! Talia’s energy is contagious!! I love her!! She makes you feel so good! And she shares personal stories, she’s been there!! Just like the rest of us!! I love the cancel clear delete!! I use that was taught in our challenge!! The Journeys! So amazing!! The cord cutting, I had a cord from my ex husband!! 30 years ago!! I thought I was over that!! This course was amazing! THANK YOU!! So much!! You are beyond amazing!!

Tobi Senn

I want to thank Talia for the most detailed, mind blowing accurate reading I ever received in this lifetime. She saw so clearly into the past and present in such an amazing way. The future reading confirmed everything I felt would be so it was an important validation. The Tarot reading and also her psychic reading were so spot on reflecting so clearly every single aspect and gave a general perspective that brought so much clarity and strong validations Talia is truly an amazingly gifted being.She is also very loving and supportive. Thank you again for such a life transforming experience that makes a world of a difference for me!


I have received about 6 readings from Talia. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that she is the best at what she does. Having received readings from other also I can say with 100% certainty that I will only get my readings from her only. She is very accurate, to the point. She gives you a lot of detail and examples of needed. The advantage of her is that she also let’s you ask her for a clarification if needed. I would highly recommend her and her services to anyone that needs some guidance in their lives

Patricia Taylor

I just had Talia Paola Strega do a Karmic Relationship Reading for me and all I can say is, if it is something you are thinking about, DO IT!! She is amazing!! The things she “knew” without knowing me or my story blew me away! I’m still re-reading over and over again what she wrote. There is so much in what she gives you. And what she revealed to me has left me with an amazing sense of peace which is priceless. I’ve already told her this personally but it’s worth repeating…. Talia
Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!!

Donna Parenti Weld

This mini course is phenomenal. I am only on Day 1 and I have managed to uproot a deep feeling of being a failure. I cannot thank myself and Talia enough for taking part in this course. I am so glad I followed my intuition who told me to join.

Ange De Lumiere

 I’ve done the happiness program with Talia and it was amazing!!! I highly recommend it! It was the boost I needed to help keep me focused on my personal goals. Talia is so real and down to earth. She makes it very easy to work with her. She is nonjudgmental and so supportive. One of the most inspiring people I know.

Michelle Whitney

I really enjoyed this program!! I learned a lot and Talia Paola Strega makes it fun!

Leanne Willingham

Highly recommend this ladies!!! Before I did this course, I was in a slump, felt kind of stuck about my direction and it gave me a much needed boost and daily rituals to follow to become my best self.

Beth McMahon Blanco

I found Talia on Instagram and started following her page regularly. One day, she posted about a challenge to change your negative mindset. I accepted her challenge like NPH “Challenge accepted” and never looked back! Talia is genuine, real, compassionate, and bubbly! I felt an amazing connection to Talia right away! I completed the challenge and participated with another program called The Happiness Experience. Loved it!! I have been able to do a lot of inner work thanks to Talia and the safety she creates in her programs. I am grateful our paths have crossed and I had the opportunity to work with you, Talia. I look forward to working with you again. XO, Rhonda

Rhonda Nelson